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Securing the right licensed electrician for your company can be challenging, especially with the current labor market. If you have electricians jobs to fill, you may not want to spend hours researching resumes and trying to determine which of the professionals applying are the right fit.

That’s where Elite Force Staffing comes in. We can ensure you get the right certified electrician with the education, skills, experience and soft skills you need. Our electricians job agency is constantly adding to our roster, and we have helped staff companies in industrial and commercial settings from coast to coast.

Types of Electricians You May Need

Elite Force Staffing has the skilled electrician you need, including:

  • Indoor electrician professionals who can help install and maintain wiring, appliances, machinery and other indoor systems
  • Installation electricians who can install systems such as security, heating and other major systems
  • Travel electrician professionals who go from job to job or site to site
  • Maintenance electricians who can update and keep your electrical systems running smoothly
  • Domestic electrical installers who can work at domestic properties
  • Journeymen electrician professionals who are independent, certified electricians
  • W-2 electricians, who are regular, salaried workers with benefits
electrical wiring hub.
Electrician staff working on project.


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No matter what kind of electrician you need to hire, Elite Force Staffing has the skilled and experienced talent who can make a difference at your company.

Why Work With an Electrical Staffing Agency?

When you need electricians, your employees can quickly become consumed with the hiring process. It is not unusual to get hundreds or thousands of applicants for a job, and sifting through those resumes and following up with the right candidates can pull your team members away from more important tasks.

Working with electrical staffing companies means you get to leave the hiring process to professionals. A top electrical staffing company such as Elite Force Staffing has the electricians you need, as well as the experience to know which professionals most closely fit your needs. When you work with Elite Force Staffing, you also enjoy benefits such as that we:

  • Consider the whole candidate: We look at the experience, skills, personality traits and soft skills for every electrician we add to our roster, so we can honor your company culture and talent needs. We are not an electricians temp agency that will just send whoever happens to look good on paper.
  • Regularly add to our roster of accomplished talent: When you contact us, we do not have to go through an extensive marketing campaign because we have already done the groundwork to bring you the skilled team members you need. We have access to the hidden talent market, and our roster ensures we fill your position in a time-sensitive way. When you have a mission-critical job position to fill and need someone quickly, you can count on Elite Force Staffing.
  • Offer a guarantee: If you are not satisfied with a hire, just reach out to us within the first eight hours, and we will find a replacement. We will not bill you for the initial eight hours on the job. Unlike many an electrical temp agency, we stand by our talent.
  • Are passionate about making a difference: Elite Force Staffing does our job well and professionally, so you can have the electricians you need on-site to take care of your company. We understand the talent you hire has a direct impact on your company culture and future success, and we take that responsibility very seriously. While we enjoy what we do, we’re also very serious about ensuring you have the right hires to make your electrical systems safe and efficient. We understand downtime has an impact on your bottom line, and we bring you skilled electricians who care about getting the job done right.
  • Customize your experience: Our team knows that one factory seeking an in-house electrician has very different needs than a corporation in a different location looking for a team of skilled maintenance technicians who can travel job to job. One thing that sets us apart from other temporary electricians staffing agencies is that we examine your needs and the entire candidate. We consider the details of what you need in terms of culture fit, experience and skills and bring you the candidate and hiring experience you want.
  • Have a track record that shows you’re in good hands: We work to make every placement the right one and stand by our track record. We have helped many businesses and executives secure the electricians and other skilled talent they have needed. Our clients have consistently been pleased with our support, and many of our clients recommend our services to other companies.

Working With Electrical Staffing Companies

One of the most in-demand jobs for any staffing agency is electricians. This job is also crucial for safety and compliance needs. Your electrical systems are literally the lifeblood of your business, whether you are in the energy sector, industry, commercial sector or in government.

Working with an agency can help you hire the right candidates for your open positions. When you work with Elite Force Staffing, you get a low-risk opportunity to fill your needs with skilled electricians who are excited about making a contribution.

When you work with Elite Force Staffing, you can help us bring you the right electrician by:

  • Knowing what kind of electrician and skills you need
  • Knowing what equipment or materials the electricians will be working with
  • Considering whether culture fit is important for you and, if so, articulating what soft skills your successful hire would ideally have
  • Communicating what you can offer the right electrician in salary and benefits
  • Thinking about what qualities or skills your ideal electrician would have
  • Knowing the start date of employment
  • Considering how much of the pre-screening and other work you would like our team to handle

Once you know what you're looking for, contact Elite Force Staffing. Let our years of experience work for you!

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