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Elite Force Staffing understands how difficult it can be for a business to find the right person to fill an opening. Reading through resumes, conducting interviews and more takes time and patience that many employers just don't have. Using a concrete hiring agency can speed up the process and ensure you meet the best candidates for the job.

Concrete jobs require a set of skills particular to the industry. Finding qualified candidates who not only possess those skills but also have the right work ethic and motivation to become a valued part of your team can be a difficult undertaking. Temporary concrete staffing agencies like ours understand what to look for in candidates to make the best hire. We specialize in providing skilled labor for companies both large and small.


Working in the concrete sector requires experienced and dedicated teams. Elite Force Staffing has been in the concrete market for many years. Our teams effectively manage the particularly rigorous demands, quality, and safety requirements typical of challenging concrete projects. It is our safety commitment, effective hiring techniques and in-house experience and knowledge that help keep each project running smoothly.

Frequently Placed Concrete Trades

Do you have concrete jobs that require an experienced professional with a background in finishing or form carpentry? We have the workers you need. Our paving staffing agency can sift through resumes and identify people with the right skill sets for the job. We further narrow our search by looking for someone who will fit in with your company culture. You want an applicant who can seamlessly join your workforce and become a reliable cog in your daily productive flow.

We specialize in finding highly skilled workers to fill a variety of positions within the concrete industry, including:

  • Concrete Finishers
  • Form Carpenters
  • Heavy Civil Field Engineers
  • Project Superintendents
  • Rod Busters

All these roles require knowledge and experience built up over time in the concrete industry. Our staff knows what qualities and experience to look for in candidates that will make them great employees and instant contributors to your workflow. We recognize that having the right skills isn't enough — candidates also need to have the right personality to fit into your corporate culture. Finding these people and bringing them to your attention is what we're here to do.

Why Select Our Concrete Job Agency?

We stand out among the staffing agencies for concrete jobs. Our ability to find the right candidate makes us unique in the industry. When you need to get concrete employees into jobs quickly, you can rely on our concrete staffing company to do the job efficiently. We offer a number of benefits to businesses that use our services, such as:

  • A passion for doing our jobs well: We love what we do. We enjoy making connections between clients and candidates and seeing new relationships develop. This is rewarding for us.
  • An on-the-job guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with your new employee during their first eight hours on the job, notify us, and we will not bill you for those hours. We will also start a search to find a replacement immediately.
  • A customized experience: Every client we assist has different needs and requirements. We tailor your experience to your company.

You need a concrete temp staffing agency that will identify the right fit for your job and move forward. Let us be that agency. With a strong track record of placing candidates in concrete jobs across the country, we can assist you, too. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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