Commercial Concrete & Cement Contractors

Cost-Effective, Local Cement Contractors Nationwide

Get pre-qualified commercial concrete and cement work contractors for any job, sent to your project anywhere in the USA.

  • Eliminate the Lengthy Hiring Process - Hire multiple commercial concrete workers without having to sift through a stack of resumes or conduct a single interview
  • Reduce Your Exposure to Full Time Employees - You don’t need to worry about workers comp or unemployment - we cover these costs for you.
  • Have an 8-hour Money-Back Guarantee - You don’t need to worry about workers comp or unemployment - we cover these costs for you.

Get a FREE Staffing Quote

Get a FREE Staffing Quote

"We were having difficulty trying to find qualified electricians for a remote Texas project. We looked for an electrician staffing company online and found Elite Force Staffing. They sent them straight to the job site, with the proper PPE. We’re completely happy with the quality of work too, highly recommended."


Oil and Gas Company in Texas
Hiring Manager

“If you’re looking for a construction staffing company then look no further - the Elite Force team ‘gets it.' We took a chance on Elite Force because they offered an 8 hour guarantee with their workers. We've been able to cope with ups and downs in the market with ease, instead of having to use full-time employees."


Construction Company in Florida
Construction Manager

“I was very skeptical about hiring temporary workers but my HR Manager insisted that we give it a go. So far I've been nothing but impressed with the quality of workers that were sent to our project. Not only are they qualified but their training and prep has been minimal too."


Manufacturing Company in Chicago

“We've worked with Elite Force on multiple projects across the US. Their workers have not only been dependable and top notch, but have saved us a lot of money. Quality of work is far better than we could source on our own and we didn’t have to do a single interview."


Fortune 500 Company
Director of HR

Why Use a Commercial Concrete Staffing Agency?

Get Quality of Work Without the Risk

Flooding your job site with unqualified amateurs can quickly lead to unnecessary repairs and delayed projects.

Every commercial cement contractor we partner with has been pre-vetted carefully, ensuring you’re only getting licensed, experienced professionals - and if they don’t meet your expectations within the first 8 hours you won’t be billed.

A Concrete Finisher

Reduce Company Liability

Concrete labor can be dangerous work, especially when projects require complex equipment like cement mixers and small mechanical hoists.

That’s why we handle workman's compensation payouts or disability insurance - reducing risk and putting money back in your pocket.

Benefits of Cement & Concrete Workers Staffing Agency

Guaranteed Quality

If you don’t get the quality of work you expect within the first 8 hours you won’t be billed - simple as that.

Reduced Liability

Cut workers comp, unemployment and claims from your payroll - our cement contractors are fully covered by us.

Talent Pool

Stop wasting time with job postings and stacks of resumes - our concrete workers are ready to start asap.


Access to the best talent doesn’t have to be more expensive - our temp cement contractors are a similar cost to full time employees

Niche Specializations

You can only trust the quality of work from a specialized temp agency - Elite Force is hyper-focused in the construction industry.

Market Flexibility

Full time employees can be a burden on your payroll, especially during slow times - quickly respond to workforce needs only when you need it.

Skip the Entire Hiring Process

Hiring concrete work contractors can be a slow process - from advertising on job boards, to coordinating interviews and negotiating.

Just let us know the particulars of the project and we’ll find cement laborers to match your job based on skill level, credentials and work experience.

Worker pouring cement pouring into foundations formwork at building area in construction site.
Cement Finisher Payroll and salaries folders stack with label on black binder

Protect Payroll Budget

Full time employees require payroll tax (like FICA, FUTA and SUTA), insurance premiums and vacation pay, which are draining your budget.

But Elite Force cement workers aren't your employees, so you don't have any of the extra costs that can come with hiring in-house staff - this saves you cash without compromising quality.

Get a Concrete-Focused Staffing Company

Trusting your construction project in the hands of a staffing agency that focuses on IT will lead to staffing your project with unqualified workers.

Our talent pool gives you access to commercial cement masons, concrete finishers, pavers, cement job repair and terrazzo workers.

worker plastering cement on wall for building
Concrete Employee

Respond to Market Needs

Having too many full time employees on payroll during slow season can lead to reduced profitability - temp employees give you the flexibility to respond to changing workforce needs.

In addition, bid on projects that are generally out-of-scope for your company, with access to a massive pool of skilled tradesmen.

Elite Force Staffing Associations

Local Cement and Commercial Concrete Contractors

Lower Your Payroll Costs AND Boost Quality of Work

See how commercial concrete staffing can help you…

  • Speed Up Project Completion - Get pre-qualified, ready-to-deploy cement workers sent to your project at a moment's notice, anywhere in the USA.
  • Lower Your Overall Project Costs - Full time employees are costing you payroll expenses like FICA, FUTA, SUTA and more - we cover these expenses for you.
  • Simplify Your Hiring Process - The hiring process is a time sink - quickly choose the type of concrete worker you need from our massive pool of prescreened contractors.

Get a FREE Staffing Quote

Get a FREE Staffing Quote