Ready-to-Deploy Temp Electricians Nationwide

Get pre-qualified skilled electrical workers of any level sent to your project -- anywhere in the USA

  • Drop the Lengthy Hiring Processes
    Hire multiple temp electricians without having to sift through resumes or conduct a single interview
  • Cut Risk Associated with Full Time Employees
    Stop worrying about paying out workers comp or unemployment claims - we handle that for you
  • Get a Money-Back Guarantee
    If you’re not happy with the quality of work completed within the first 8-hours you won’t be billed

Get a FREE Staffing Quote

Get a FREE Staffing Quote

“We've worked with Elite Force on multiple projects across the US. Their workers have not only been dependable and top notch, but have saved us a lot of money. Quality of work is far better than we could source on our own and we didn’t have to do a single interview."

Fortune 500 Company, Director of HR

“I was very skeptical about hiring temporary workers but my HR Manager insisted that we give it a go. So far I've been nothing but impressed with the quality of workers that were sent to our project. Not only are they qualified but also fit our company culture. Training and prep has been minimal too."

Manufacturing Company in Chicago, CEO

“We were having difficulty trying to find qualified electricians for a remote project in Texas. We looked for an electrician staffing company online and found Elite Force Staffing. They sent them straight to the job site, with the proper PPE. We’re completely happy with the quality of work too, highly recommended.”

Oil and Gas Company in Texas, Hiring Manager

“Elite Force gave us access to a variety of trades workers from site supervisors and carpenters, to electricians and millwrights. We took a chance on Elite Force because they offered a 100% money-back guarantee with their workers. We've been able to cope with ups and downs in the market with ease, instead of having to use full-time employees."

Construction Company in Florida, Construction Manager

Get Ahead With Electrical Staffing Agencies

Avoid Crippling Delays Caused by Poor Workmanship

Workers who don’t have the right credentials and experience can cause massive project delays from shoddy workmanship. You need recruiting services that can provide access to qualified employees the first time.

Our employees come pre-qualified so you don’t have to waste time getting them up-to-speed.

We work with a large talent pool in order to match the right worker to your project needs - our electricians have the right experience to get your project running confidently and smoothly.

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Specialized Temp Agency Means Better Quality Workers

Trusting your electrical systems to an agency that specializes in Admin personnel can quickly lead to costly mistakes and constant turnover.

It's like using a hammer to do the job of a wrench - you need staffing solutions that are specific to your industry, not a one-size-fits-all operation.

We work exclusively in the construction industry to provide electrician jobs that project managers and HR departments have come to trust and depend on every time.

Why Work With an Electrician Staffing Company?

Projects Done Right The First Time

Avoid costly delays from untrained workers - our massive pool of electricians means you get the right worker based on project needs.

All the Benefits Without the Risk

Stop worrying about the extra cost of part & full-time workers. With an electrical temp agency, you have no exposure to workers comp or unemployment claims.

Ready-to-deploy Workers

Save time and energy having to vet, prep, and gear workers - our range of electricians come fully prepared.

Guaranteed Quality of Workmanship

Get complete satisfaction - if you’re not happy with the quality of work within the first 8 hours of the assignment, you will not be billed.

Access to the Best Talent

Gain peace of mind knowing that your project is being staffed by industry experts in the electrical construction industry.

No More Lengthy Hiring Process

Put an end to admin headaches caused by a stack of resumes and multiple interviews - just tell us where to send your workers.

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Ready-to-Deploy Workers Can Be On-site at a Moments Notice

You can’t afford to wait days (or even weeks) for your project to get up and running. Our staffing agency for electricians can get boots on the ground quickly - from helper and apprentice electricians, all the way to journeyman electricians.

We make sure that your skilled electrical workers are pre-vetted, prepped and properly geared so that they can get started immediately and you can avoid the logistical nightmare of doing it yourself.

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Get Peace-of-Mind With Guaranteed Quality Workmanship

You deserve an electrical staffing agency that stands behind its workers to make sure you get the quality of work you expect.

Our staffing services include guarantees to make sure you get what you paid for. If you’re not completely satisfied with the quality of work in the first 8 hours just let us know and you won’t be billed .

We’ll also get a replacement worker to your site as fast as we can.

Limit Company Exposure and Save on Full-time Employee Costs

Dealing with worker's compensation and unemployment claims can put a massive strain on your resources and support staff.

Our industrial electricians come fully covered - so your company can get back to focusing on project completion and ROI.

We also take care of several costs that are usually for full and part-time employees - contact us today for a full list.

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Put an End to Admin Headaches From an Exhausting Hiring Process

Stop spending hours looking over hundreds of resumes and doing interviews that fill up your day - we have a massive pool of pre-qualified workers ready to go.

Our workers also come pre-screened with reference checks to make sure you only get top quality talent - giving you the best opportunity to turn short term workers into long term contracts.

We can also take care of drug testing and background checks - just let us know.


Lower Your Corporate Tax Burden AND Improve Quality of Work

See how an electrician staffing agency can help you…

  • Move Delayed Projects Through to Completion
    Get qualified, pre-screened electricians sent to your project at a moment's notice.
  • Reduce Overall Project Costs
    Give the Taxman a slap on the wrist and let us cover payroll expenses like FICA, FUTA, SUTA and more.
  • Make Your Job Easier with a Simple Hiring Process
    Say goodbye to job postings, stacks of resumes, lengthy interviews, negotiations and offer refusals.

Get a FREE Staffing Quote

Get a FREE Staffing Quote