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Staffing for industrial & commercial electrical services - installation, repair and maintenance for your small to large-sized projects.

Hire a Team of Local Commercial Electricians

For projects big and small, get access to local electricians no matter where your project is in the USA

Ready-to-work Electricians

Commercial and Industrial electricians needed immediately? Ours come pre-screened and pre-qualified, ready to send to your job site at a moment's notice.

Hassle-free, Money-Back Guarantee

Have confidence in quality workmanship with our money-back guarantee, within the first 8-hours worked

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“I was very skeptical about hiring temporary workers at first. So far I've been nothing but impressed with the quality of electricians that were sent to our project. Not only are they qualified but their training and prep has been minimal too."

HR Manager, New York Area

Elite Force Staffing Associations

Benefits of Commercial Electricians Near You

Reduce Expenses

Reduce employee churn and avoid unnecessary maintenance costs long-term  by hiring the best commercial electricians up front. 

Stay Protected

Our licensed commercial electrical contractors come fully covered for all state and federal taxes, workers comp, PTO and more.

Break Ground

Need local electricians for your project right now? We have a massive pool of qualified electricians nationwide.

Commercial Electrical Services Nationwide





North Carolina

New Jersey





New York







And Many More

Reduce Your Overall Risk and Payroll Exposure

Access to top level talent means reduced employee churn rates and better quality workmanship. Being hyper-focused in electrical work means you don’t have to deal with amateur electricians.

In addition, unlike full-time employees you won’t need to worry about payroll expenses like FICA, FUTA and SUTA, worker’s comp, claims and PTO - we take care of these costs for you.

Commercial Electrician Houston TX
Benefits of our Commercial Electricians in Houston

Bid on Projects Outside Your Scope

Passing up on jobs because you don’t have the necessary workforce is leaving money on the table - with temp electricians you can accept projects normally outside your scope of work, with minimal onboarding and training.

Your dedicated account manager will help you match the right electricians to any job, whether it be for electrical installation, repair or maintenance.

Get Electrical Services for Any of Your Projects

From apprentice to master electricians, our commercial electrical contractors have the necessary training and experience to complete any electrical work you need, including:

  • AC & heating circuits
  • Breakers and fuses
  • Complete retrofits and rewiring
  • Electrical panels
  • Office lighting
  • And much more

For any questions on how our staffing services work, contact us today.


Commercial Electricians in Houston

Get Quality Commercial Electrical Contractors for Your Project Anywhere in the USA

See how a commercial electrical company can help you with...

No Hidden Fees

Get a no obligation contract up front, for complete transparency with our electrical staffing services.

Minimal Onboarding and Training

Move delayed projects forward with experienced electricians that come fully prepped with proper PPE and experience.

Keep a Lean Workforce

Increase your electrical staff only when you need it - our temp electrical services are available on a contract basis.

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