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Decrease Payroll Costs by Hiring Temporary Commercial Electricians in Dallas and Fort Worth TX

Get in touch with our electrical staffing company for the Dallas and Fort Worth area to find out how we can help you...

Speed Up Project Completion

Quickly hire multiple electricians - from apprenticeship, journeymen and master levels -  to push delayed projects forward or break ground on new construction.

Access Pre-Qualified Commercial Electrician Contractors in Dallas and Fort Worth

Choose from a massive pool of Dallas and Fort Worth electricians who have been pre-vetted, pre-screened and reference-checked.

Get Expert Account Managers to Understand Your Needs

Receive a direct point of contact with years of commercial electrical industry staffing experience to ensure you receive expert advice in a record response time.

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“My experience has been excellent. I like to express performance as a batting average...if Elite Force Staffing were playing baseball, they’d be legendary. They go the extra mile to find what their customer needs. They do what they say when they say it.”

John Woods
Electrical Supervisor

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Advantage of Our Local Commercial
Electricians in Dallas & Fort Worth

Guaranteed Quality

Get peace of mind knowing that our workmanship is guaranteed - if you’re not happy with the quality within the first 8-hour day you won’t be billed for it.

Flexible Workforce

Hiring temp electricians, instead of keeping too many full-time employees on your payroll, can help you quickly adapt to market changes - high and low seasons.

Commercial Focused

Stop wasting time with electricians that don’t have the right experience to get your project done - we only staff out for commercial and industrial electrical services.

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Respond to Market Needs With Our Electrical Staffing Company for Dallas & Fort Worth

Leasing labor gives you the ability to quickly respond to ups and downs in the market, with the flexibility to only ramp up your workforce when you need it... 

And lets you bid on projects that are typically beyond your company’s scope, with access to a huge pool of qualified commercial and industrial electricians.

Commercial Electricians Dallas & Fort Worth TX
dallas commercial and industrial electrical services

Staffing Electricians For Commercial and Industrial Work Only

These aren’t your average residential, low-voltage electricians...

Our commercial electricians have the skills and experience to tackle a variety of projects, from installing complex machinery and heating circuits - to overseeing electrical maintenance and repairs for heavy-duty jobs.

Not happy with our commercial and industrial electrical services within the first 8 hours on site? You won’t be billed for that day, and we’ll send over a replacement asap. Simple as that.

Reduce Risk and Liability With Fully Covered Electricians

Taking care of admin tasks and claims can eat away at your time and affect project scheduling.

Reduce your exposure with fully covered Fort Worth and Dallas electrical contractors - we take care of state and federal taxes, employee benefits, worker’s comp, PTO and much more.

Dallas and Fort Worth electricians

Hire skilled Dallas and Fort Worth electricians for commercial projects of any size or scope.

Eliminate the Burden of Hiring

Save valuable time and energy by partnering with Elite Force - access a large pool of qualified Fort Worth electricians, without having to look through a stack of resumes.

Avoid Expensive Employee Turnover

Not only is onboarding a long and expensive process - but hiring the wrong type of electrician can leave your project stranded. Get the right team the first time around.

Reduce Long-Term Maintenance Costs

Cut maintenance costs by hiring project-specific commercial electricians who have the right skills and experience to perform heavy-duty electrical work.

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