Do You Need Skilled Labor Staffing in Virginia?

Do you require skilled craftsmen who have been trained to perform certain jobs? Have you had difficulty filling them out independently, or don't have the time to find the best candidates? Hiring good people requires dedication and hard work to search correctly. Why not enlist a proven local skilled labor temp staffing agency to handle this task?

Elite Force Staffing can assist with filling your company's vacant positions. Our skilled labor staffing agency in Virginia provides high-quality, skilled labor staffing to businesses across the commonwealth and nationwide.

We are a veteran-owned construction & skilled labor staffing agency in Virginia that works closely with our clients to make the right connection with a placement. We apply high standards to our candidates, and we care so passionately about getting you the right person that we offer a guarantee on our work.

Why Work With Our Virginia Construction Staffing Agency?

We get the best candidates. You gain a low-risk way to expand your labor force in the best fit for your company. You can hire temporary, temp-to-hire, or payroll employees, decreasing the administrative burden on your company. Other advantages of using Elite Force Staffing include:

  • We provide you with a guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with a candidate's work during their first eight hours on the job, you will not be billed for that time. Call our office, and we will look for a replacement immediately.
  • We go a step beyond. We look at more than just experience and backgrounds. We consider your company's culture, the candidate's personality, and the work ethic they possess. We want to make matches that will last and give both sides the best experience.
  • We are a national company with local knowledge. We have assisted companies like yours across the country, who trust our judgment and suggestions. We also know the Virginia area well, since we are based in Chester.
  • We offer competitive pricing. We know this is an important consideration in today's business world.

We believe every placement we make shapes the reputation of our company. We do our best to find candidates who will fit into your work environment and begin contributing right away. The companies we work with appreciate our dedication to client support and safety.

Get in Touch With Our Staffing Agency in Virginia Today

Before you see one of our candidates, we have put them through an extensive testing process. We offer e-verification to employees and provide security clearance options if necessary. We also perform a drug test as well as an online test. The thorough screening and attention to detail in our process ensure only high-caliber candidates make it to you. Companies we work with appreciate our professionalism and commitment to doing the best job.

Elite Force Staffing is a national company based out of Virginia. We provide skilled craftsmen across multiple industries. Contact us today to receive more information about our services.